Types of Network Topology

Community topology refers back to the bodily format of the community ie the places of the computer systems and the way the cable is run between them. To pick the fitting topology for a way the community can be used is essential. Every topology has its personal power and weaknesses.

The selection of a topology for putting in a pc community relies upon upon a mix of things comparable to, reliability, efficiency of the system, variety of nodes and geographical distribution of the system.

The principle 2 varieties are

Bus Topology & Peer to Peer Topology

Peer to Peer topology consists of Star topology and Ring topology.

Bus Topology

It’s usually used when community set up is small, easy or non permanent. On a typical bus community the cable is simply 1 or extra wires with no energetic electronics to amplify the sign or cross it alongside from pc to pc. This makes the bus a passive topology. When 1 pc ship a sign up the wire all of the computer systems obtain the knowledge however just one with the tackle that meets the knowledge, the remainder disregards the message.


1) Simple to make use of and to know.

2) Requires much less quantity of cable to attach the computer systems collectively. It’s due to this fact inexpensive than different cabling preparations.

three) It’s simple to increase a bus; two cables may be joined into 1 longer cable with a BNC, Barrel connector making an extended cable and permitting extra computer systems to affix the community.


1) Heavy community site visitors can gradual a bus contemplating as only one pc can ship a message at a time.

2) It’s troublesome to troubleshoot the bus. A cable break or unfastened connector causes reflection and stops all of the exercise.

Star Topology

In this sort of topology all of the cables run from the computer systems to the central location the place they’re all related by a tool referred to as hub or swap. Every pc on a star community communicates with a central machine that resends the message both to every pc or solely to the vacation spot pc, eg if it’s a hub then it is going to ship to all and if it’s a swap then it is going to ship to solely vacation spot pc.When community enlargement is anticipated and when the higher reliability is required, star topology is the most effective.


1) It’s simple to change and add new computer systems with out disturbing the remainder of the community.

2) The middle of the star community is an efficient place to diagnose the faults.

three) Single pc failure doesn’t must deliver down the entire star community.


1) If the central machine fails the entire community fails to function.

2) Star networking is dear as a result of all community cables should be dropped to at least one central level, requires extra cable than different community topologies.

Ring Topology

On this sort every pc is related to the following pc with the final one related to the primary. Every retransmits what it receives from the earlier pc. The message flows across the ring in a single course. The ring community doesn’t topic to sign loss downside as a bus community experiences. There is no such thing as a termination as a result of there isn’t any finish to the ring.


1) Every node has equal entry.

2) Able to excessive pace information switch.


1) Failure of 1 pc on the ring can have an effect on the entire community.

2) Tough to troubleshoot the community.

Topologies stay a necessary a part of community design hypothesis. However understanding these may help you to get the defect data of the weather like hub, swap and so on.

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